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sissy dolly

Increadable beauty….
Where on earth can I find this outfit?



sissy dolly

Increadable beauty….

Where on earth can I find this outfit?

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Male Chastity

There are lots of stories about males and sissies being put into male chastity devices, but I can’t seem to find a film showing a FemDom putting one on her slave.  Does anyone know where I can find such a film?

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Mom scolding sissy son

I have a wonderful idea for a hypno file.  The commands in this hypno are to get a major hardon and feel guilty, humiliated, ashamed and can’t help but cry major tears when a Sissy Boy is scolded by his mom in the same way a filthy whoring daughter would get scolded by her mom.

The problem is that I can’t find any recordings of a mom berating her scumbag slut cunt whoring daughter.  Does anyone know where I can find such?

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Sister’s of the DCS Society

Not much is known about the Sister’s of the DCS Society.  Here is what they allow outsiders to know.

They operate in covens.

Each coven has only one male master.  A master must buy the votes of the Sisters in order to get this position.  He must be influential in the community.  They have to have gone thru all the training (meaning they were once a slave to a Sister)

Under the Master are 6 women.  These women get voted into this position.  They must also be influential.  But most importantly, their breasts must be producing milk.

Next are the rest of the women that are producing milk.

Next are the rest of the women.

Next are the shemales

Next are the sissies and males.

Under all these are all the outsiders.

No matter what position they hold, all members work together to help each other be successful.

One rule they have is that all males must have some sissy training on a regular basis, even if they never become sissies or shemales.

All members has the word ‘SLUT’ tattooed just above their genitals.  Many of the women like to have the top of their slit between the L and U.

No member is to have a tattoo on their breast or cleavage area.  Breasts are to be honored.  The Sister’s work together to inlarge their breast, but they do not want implants.  They want natural breasts.

Hypnosis is used to help new apprentices to over come their fears of what is required.

Many of the things that the Sister’s do are considered taboo.

Their are other things that are required of members, but you only learn these if you become an apprentice.

Would you like to be a Sister?  Are you really sure that you would like to be a Sister.

 A lot of the secret stuff is very humiliating, even for the ones that want to become dominate.

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where can i get subscription ? :D


where can i get subscription ? :D

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